Size Does Matter.

But, Not in the way you think it does.

The MicroCube™ is small, very small with the cube version of the turbine being slightly smaller than your standard basketball ( 9in cubed). But like laptops today, just cause its small doesn't mean it skimps on power. The MicroCube™ comes with a 1 Kilowatt generator which is getting big power from a small package. The other advantage of the small size is that we could put over 100 MicroCubes in the same footprint as some of our competitors.

More up time

Because of low cut In speed

The American Wind MicroCube starts spinning in winds of just 1-2mph and has a top wind speed rating of over 100mph. With that kind of range, your uptime is second to none. No other 1kw turbine can even come close to us.

The MicroCube Up Time (1mph)
Nova New Energy (5.5mph)
Bergey XL.1 Wind Turbine (6.7mph)
Saiam 1KW Wind Turbine (6.7mph)

The Wind Wall

One MicroCube by its self might not seem to put out much power for a large building. But in fact, our engineering team thought of that as well when they were designed. The MicroCube is designed in its cube form so that it can be placed into a grid or wall of turbines. Thus creating as much power as you have space, and because the unique design of the blades they work well in turbulent air flows.

Mobile & Global

The unique size of the MicroCube means that it is extremely mobile. With the ability for several to be packed into a large hard case and traveled with. This means we can bring them to places like Africa that rely on fossil fuel generators currently and bring them clean renewable power, where they have never had it before. Anywhere in the world that has wind, the MicroCube can bring it power.

Big Power

In the last 100 years, no generator has been built like ours. That is our difference. Our patented generator was created to generate as much power in a small space as possible. The ability to generate 1000+ watts in a generator that is around 3in in diameter is simply one of a kind.


Net Zero is possible.

What is #NetZero? Net Zero is the movement that is going on to promote buildings that produce as much energy as they use. Is it possible with Wind power alone? No. Is it possible with Solar power alone? No. But wind & solar together in harmony can create a Net Zero future. Most wind turbine companies would never advocate using solar with wind turbines. American Wind truly sees a greener, more powerful future to be achieved together.




Modular in Design

Because no two needs are the same.

The MicroCube was designed to be as modular as possible. The reason is that one doesn't fit all. Everyone and every buildings energy needs are different, The modularity of the MicroCube allows it to fit in where ever you have wind and space. This means the roof lines of your tall building.

One KilowattIn a 3in diameter generator?

This doesn't seem like a big deal but normal micro wind turbine generators, that use AC/Delco like alternators, are up to nine inches diameter or larger. We are able to save 3X the amount of space. We did this by building a non-conventional generator. Per the U.S. Patent Office, American Wind has developed a first of its kind generator. Not only does it produce more power in a smaller space; it is nearly frictionless. This solves several problems that plague traditional turbines. The severe reduction in vibration in our generator means placing them on buildings, where structural integrity is everything, is now possible. This nearly frictionless generator also lowers the startup speed as well as, increases the top RPM of the unit. The next problem out generator solved was simple, size. Traditional wind turbines need tremendous amounts of torque to turn their generators, which means large blades. The MicroCube's™ unique generator allowed us to develop an entire unit that is the smallest one-kilowatt turbine ever built. In fact, you can stack 100 MicroCube's in the same space as some of our competitors.

Disclaimer: One kilowatt is a max power output of the MicroCube™. The power output will vary with wind speed. *