Mobile WindWall®

Mobile WindWall®


Key Features

98kW Advanced WindWall®

The base of the Mobile WindWall® (MWW) was designed around the portability of the Advanced WindWall®. The MWW carries a 98kW Max power Advanced WindWall® that sits atop a scissor lift. The Scissor lift onboard the MWW allows the the Advanced WindWall® to be raised into the best possible wind speeds in minutes. Then lowered to protect and transport it.

100kWh Battery Pack

Sitting on each side of the Mobile WindWall® lays two battery packs. These two battery packs total a 100kWh of battery power. Now many would ask, “if you producing power why store it?” Simply because the Mobile WindWall® is not a power generation system, but an entire MicroGrid on a trailer. With the battery packs on board the total power output of the MWW is a constant under any conditions.

External Charging Ports

To utilize any legacy systems the MWW uses dual charging ports to utilize 60kWh fuel generators. By utilizing the battery packs and charging ability, the legacy fuel generators may run more efficiently charging only when needed and not waisting any fuel.

Full Independent Suspension

To increase ground clearance and overall stability, the MWW was designed complete independent suspension involved. No two tires are directly connected which increases the suspension travel as well as balances the entire load. The trailer system designed as part of the MWW achieves best in class ground clearance to compete with any of the vehicles that may transport it.

Slide Towable Offroad Sporting the latest in independent
suspension, the MWW can go
anywhere you can tow it.

Spage Age Composite

AT2LAS – Strength, Protection, Lightweight

American Wind, Inc has utilized a new space age composite from Advanced Aerospace Manufacturing called AT2LAS. This new to market material has strength comparable to structural steel, while being 40% lighter than aluminum.

40% Lighter than aluminum
Non - Conrrosive
Non - Conductive
Bullet Resistant
Thermal insulation - R139
X-ray proof
Fire Proof

Download the Brochure

To find out more about the Mobile WindWall® please download the brochure.