How to find a distributor in your area.

American Wind, Inc only sells products via our distributor network. We are dedicated to using our reliable distributors worldwide. Please find a distributor in your area on our list below. If you do not see a distributor in your region please check back weekly as we are constantly expanding our distribution network. To become a certified distributor please email us at [email protected]

International Distributors

Sujen International, LLC

India | Oman | U.A.E | South Africa | Maldives | Mauritius | Sri Lanka | Somalia | Saudi Arabia

Sustainable Power Savings (SPS)


Fore – TAK


Wind Energy 3 (WE3)


iNEX Renewables

United Kingdom I Ireland

U.S Distributors

Sujen International, LLC

California: Municipalities, utilities, Schools, Hospitals (MUSH) , Data Centers, High Rise Buildings 7 stories+

Premier Wind, LLC

Oklahoma | Indian Nations : Native American Indian Tribes and Casinos

Net Zero Solutions, LLC

New York: Municipalities, Universities, Office Buildings, High Rise Apartment Buildings.

Sostratus Capital, LLC


Turner Services, LLC

Georgia: Municipalities, Utilities, Schools, Hospitals (MUSH)

DJ Energy Solutions

Minnesota: Municipalities, Utilities, Schools and Hospitals
EXCLUDING Fairview Hospital, MN, and the utility, PG&E

Contact: Doug Jorgensen
Phone: 715-402-0078
MN office Email: [email protected]

U.S. Govemerent orders and contracts

American Wind, Inc handles all U.S. Goverment contracts interenally to American Wind, Inc. All contracts offices please email us at [email protected]