Advanced WindWall®

Advanced WindWall®

The most advanced wind turbine system… Ever Created.

American Wind, Inc’s Advanced WindWall® is the worlds first complete wind turbine system that combines state of the art technologies to pack an incredible amount of power into a relatively small package.



100kW is not the right size for every application So the Advanced WindWall® now comes in multiple sizes.

Self-powering weather station

Self-contained weather system to provide on-site weather data needed for the system to self adjust.


The smallest 1kW wind turbines ever created. Aerodynamic ducting that increases ambient wind speeds. A dynamic eleven bladed system that uses both the wind speed and the pressure of the air. A state-of-the-art generator that allows the combination of all MicroCubes® into a single power stream.

Advanced Ducting

While the MicroCube® already ducts the ambient air-flow the Advanced WindWall takes this one step further. The MircoCube® ducts the air-flow and increases the ambient wind speed by 1.92x its self already, when paired with the increased ducting of the Advanced WindWall® the wind speed is increased before the each MicroCube® has a chance to further increase the wind speed. This means at a 17mph ambient wind speed each blade surface in this system is experiencing 50+ mph wind speeds. This is only one of the scientific principles we use to gather energy at lower ambient speeds than our competitors.

Worm Gear Rotational Base

Every Advanced WindWall® (AWW) sits on top of a base that has a worm gear system to rotate the AWW into the proper wind direction. Working with the self-powering weather station built into the AWW the smart computer onboard makes a determination of what wind direction is the most optimal every minute and makes the adjustment. Making the assessment every minute prevents the unnecessary movement of the AWW.

Electronics Cabinet Built-In

Inside the non-optional pole system that we offer at American Wind, Inc lays inside a built-in rack mount for all the additional electronic and additional computer equipment that sits inside a sealed environment while has easy access for maintenance.



Ducting the wind… Does it increase power generation?

Ducting of ambient wind inside the Advanced WindWall® Helps to increase the power output. Each Advanced WindWall has a multi-level ducting system that first ducts a large area of wind into a much smaller one, this ducting is part of the Advanced WindWall®. This air is then forced again into a smaller area still inside of each MicroCube®. This multi-level ducting increases the ambient wind speed by over 3X. What does this really mean? It means, that when the ambient wind speed is 10mph, each MicroCube® blade system is feeling a 30mph+ wind. If you won’t take our word for it. Click the button below to view the Clarkson University Study on ducting.

What is a MicroCube®?

A Microcube® is a 1 Kilowatt max power wind turbine in the shape of a cube. Housing a revolutionary generator that uniquely powers this wind turbine with a nearly frictionless performance. The generator actually shows a negative torque value when placed under load, meaning that there is no energy loss due to back EMF. This coupled with a ducting system that doubles the ambient wind speed at the blade’s surface. Next, is when the 11 airfoils take this very fast, high-pressure air and reduce the pressure at the moment just after contact greatly reducing any back pressure on the system.

(Note* The MicroCube® is a component to a larger system, much like a solar cell to a solar panel, and is not intended to be used as a stand-alone unit. )

(Note* The MicroCube® is a component to a larger system, much like a solar cell to a solar panel, and is not intended to be used as a stand-alone unit. )

Additional Features

Covering Surface Area
While we believe that the key to generating power from wind comes from ducting and increasing velocity. Covering surface area is also important. The unique design of the Advanced WindWall® allows more surface area to be covered increasing the efficiency. In fact, the Advanced WindWall® can cover more surface area in the X, Y and Z planes than any other turbine system on the planet. This means we can cover more total surface area inside a smaller space
Creating a Wind Farm
The compact size of the AWW allows the design of much smaller spaces. With the ability to take advantage of the X, Y and X-axis of every acre of land we are able to fit 19MW of power onto a single acre of land.
More power per square foot
The AWW produces more power per square foot per hour than nearly any other renewable energy source. 444watts per square foot. While solar farm only creates roughly 4 watts per square foot.
Independent and Interactive
Every Advanced WindWall® runs independently of every other AWW inside each wind farm. This means when maintenance is necessary you lose at most 100kW at a time not megawatts of power. As well each MicroCube® independently of every other MicroCube® this means one cube going down does not greatly impact your wind farm.
Safety and Security
Safety and security are built into every American Wind product. American Wind products have no static field and are built in such a way that maintenance can be conducted safely without fear of arc flash or other electronic hazard. Non-tamper features like locking handles on entry panels on the poles of the Advanced WindWall® keep curious on-lookers out. Go ahead and stand near an American Wind product…the sound is comparable to the quietest dishwasher and will withstand winds of 140 mph. Hearing protection and fear of blades flying through the air are no longer a concern.

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