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How it Started


    The journey of American Wind grew out of a relationship with the inventor of THE MicroCube, Mr. Robert Yost. The primary reason for the invention was an idea generated by his wife, Shirley Yost, during the aftermath of the Alabama tornadoes of April 27, 2011. For over a week, power was lost by many individuals across North Alabama. Fortunately, for the few who had alternative power generators and fuel for those generators, some people survived without too many difficulties. Outside the home of Robert and Shirley sat a large pedestal fan that was used on hot summer days. The pedestal fan was not connected to any electrical power source, but the fan was spinning rapidly due to the wind created after the storms. Shirley asked Robert why a device as small as a pedestal fan could not be used to generate alternative electrical power without requiring a large investment of massive wind turbines. Shirley’s question prompted the idea for the creation of the MicroCube, which is essentially a micro wind turbine. The inventor, Robert, used his knowledge and experience in aircraft technologies and building turbine engines from previous projects with GE Aircraft Engines, Pratt and Whitney Aircraft Engines, and McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) to help him design and BUILT the MicroCube.

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    Mission Statement

    We believe in creating a better future for our children and our planet by bringing power to the people. By innovating state of the art wind turbine systems that are beautifully designed, astoundingly powerful, completely renewable, incredibly space efficient, whisper quiet, extremely versatile, while working any where in the world.

    We achieve this mission by offering products that help not only provide a cleaner, more resilient future but with one of the LOWEST LEVELIZED COSTS OF ENERGY in the industry.