American Wind Inc., the innovator of Micro Wind Turbine Technology and headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama attended the 2017 World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC) in Atlanta, Georgia 25 – 28 September 2017.  During the Energy Exchange Conference in Tampa, Florida in August 2017, a WEEC representative invited AWI to exhibit its innovative Micro Wind Turbine Technology at WEEC’s Exhibit Hall.  AWI graciously accepted!

The American Wind exhibit was a HUGE Success!  The 5 person team consisting of:

  1. Robert Yost – Inventor/Founder and CEO of American Wind
  2. Shirley Yost – President
  3. Robert Conley – VP of Distribution
  4. Joseph Gabunilas – VP of Operations
  5. Tammie Gibson – VP of Sales
  6. Tim Wyatt – Director of Technology

Provided briefings and accommodated questions for over 250 visitors, energy consultants and interested parties.  The exhibit was so popular that crowds stacked up 3 deep to see and hear about this new wind turbine technology.  One energy consultant went as far as to say “I’ve been attending this conference for over a decade and I have not seen such New and Innovative Technology such as this in that time!” He later thanked AWI for attending and bringing something truly new and exciting to the conference.

Since the conference, AWI has experienced a significant increase in Inquiries (over 100%).  Their website visits have increased 500% and their Instagram hits have increased over 480%.

AWI will soon announce multiple new Wind Energy Projects!

Stay Tuned!