American Wind, IncWho are we?

American Wind is a company that has developed the most state of the art micro wind turbine ever brought to market. It is a complete thought change in the wind turbine industry. Instead of bigger turbines further away from their intended power use we should bring the power generation right to the use of it. But to do this we had to think much differently. First, we had to develop a generator that was not only small but amazingly powerful. Never before has a 1kilowatt generator been squeezed into a generator just 3 inches in diameter, but a powerful generator is nothing if we do not have the ability to capture the energy from the wind. The next step was to develop a blade design not using a simple airfoil much like the wing of an aircraft but to design the blade to great maximum torque and speed. To do this our founder Robert Yost used his background from designing jet engines turbines to develop a blade design that used both airfoil technology and jet turbine technology. This allows our turbine to start functioning in a wind speed much lower than any other turbine on the market, which means the turbine is creating power through a larger range of wind speeds.

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The American Wind MicroCube starts spinning in winds of just 1-2mph. No other 1kw turbine can even come close to us.

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