Less transmission lines, less loss of energy. Power generated anywhere you need it.

American Wind, Inc Who are we?

American Wind, Inc., a woman-owned small business, has developed the most state-of-the-art micro ducted wind turbine (MDWT) ever brought to market. The technology behind the micro wind turbine is a complete thought change in the wind turbine industry. Instead of bigger turbines farther away from the point of use, power generation can now be used at the point of use. To develop a product that would bring the generation to the point of use, a complete thought-process change had to occur: a generator had to be developed that was not only small but tremendously more powerful. American Wind invented a 1kilowatt generator that has been squeezed into a generator just 3 inches in diameter. The next need was to develop a blade design, not using a simple airfoil much like the wing of an aircraft, but to design the blade to create maximum torque and speed. To do this, founder Robert Yost, using his background in designing jet engine turbines, developed a blade design that used both airfoil technology and jet turbine technology. This combination allowed our turbine to start generating at a wind speed much lower than any other turbine on the market, which means the turbine is creating power through a larger range of wind speeds.

World Wide Distribution

American Wind, Inc., an Original Equipment Manufacturer, goes to market through a diverse distributorship network. To find the distributor nearest you, click the button below.

Renewable energy but… How are we different?

All renewable sources are needed to solve our energy problems but American Wind offers the most versatile energy solution around. With one of the *best-levelized cost of energy in the industry and the ability to work in any climate, American Wind’s products truly stand out

*Levelized cost of energy is abbreviated LCEO

American Wind, Inc has developed solutions that are very different and counter to typical industry standards. We use advanced ducting and a state of the art generator to increase the efficiency of our products to their limits.




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